Feedback from clients about their experiences with EMDR, Hypnotherapy and our therapists:

Individual & Relationship Therapy


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"EMDR allowed insight to my own life. I understood where my anger came from and EMDR allowed me to feel less anger. I now feel as though I am able to recognize my triggers, and realize how my past created these triggers. I have made tremendous huge self growth, in so many areas of my life."                                                                                                                                                  -C.D.

"It [EMDR] has helped tremendously and I am seeing changes generalizing to my relationships."
                                                                                                                                                      - Anonymous

"I have had therapy in the past and feel that this was the most helpful. My therapist was caring, empathetic and very knowledgeable about my issues. "                                                 - Anonymous

"It [EMDR] helped a lot and I went into it thinking it was not going to help me at all.....the outcome was amazing."                                                                                                        - Anonymous

"The effects [of hypnotherapy] were deep and lasting. Took down my stress and anxiety level a lot."                                                                                                                                           - Anonymous

"[Following Hypnotherapy]...I noticed and have continued to notice a reduction in my obsessive sugar thoughts and cravings."                                                                                            - Anonymous

"I loved the EMDR. It helped me process through a nagging issue that had plagued me for years . Now I feel like I have perspective which allows me to feel more confident."                         -L.M.

"EMDR was extremely helpful in processing childhood trauma still living in my body. I have been able to make new connections and give my self a new narrative going forward."         - Anonymous

Following Hypnotherapy to build self-esteem......"[I noticed....] Not so much self negative talk and more assertiveness to speak up in situations."                                                                             - K.I.

"EMDR helped me a lot to manage my anxiety which was a factor in the relationship issues we were seeing Carla about."                                                                                                                 -J.J.P.

"Carla is a very special person. I have been to many therapists and it felt like a chore to schedule and open up to them. I can tell Carla actually listens and cares for her clients. Shes an exceptional therapist/person. Her therapy has helped me through the most difficult times of my life and she continues to help."                                                                                                                            -S.R.