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Marc has long held a desire to create a safe space where individuals can explore the issues that are standing in the way of creating fulfilling and authentic lives.  In the service of this desire, Marc has embarked on a life


                          Carla S. Ricci, LMFT, CHt, EMDR Trained                  


                                 Carla S. Ricci received her Masters of Family Therapy from Southern

                                 Connecticut State University and has experience working with individuals,     couples, adolescents and families from a variety of different backgrounds. As part of her formal training at SCSU, Carla was also certified as a Gestalt Therapist.

Carla began her journey working in the healing arts over 20 years ago as a student of Shamanic traditions.  Since that time, she has studied Reiki, Yoga, Conscious Dance and Meditation. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui tradition, and a Registered Yoga Teacher in the Hatha and Chakra Yoga traditions.

A devoted student and eager to continue on the path of personal growth, Carla participated in a three-year professional development program based on Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetics prior to her formal education at SCSU. (Gestalt therapy is an experiential approach that focuses on integration and the individual's experience in the present moment. Bioenergetics is a form of psychotherapy that integrates working with the body and mind, allowing individuals to heal emotional issues on a very deep level, increasing their capacity for joy.)

In her pursuit to continue growing both personally and professionally following graduate school, Carla has since completed requirements to be an EMDR Trained Therapist,  Certified JourneyDance Facilitator, Family Constellations Facillitator and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Carla specializes in working with trauma, anxiety, life transitions, spiritual exploration and personal growth. She is trained in a systemic and structural approach and believes in working with her clients to create and achieve goals that are relevant to their daily experience.

Carla is committed to providing clients with a supportive, safe and sacred space to pursue their goals, heal that which needs healing and make positive changes in their lives. She is passionate about helping her clients create the lives they truly want and deserve.

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   Marc S. Nee, LMFT, CHt


long journey to explore a variety of healing paths and modalities. He has facilitated group team building on challenge courses, earned a Master’s degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist, owned and operated a personal training business, trained as a Hypnotherapist and been certified as a Systemic Constellations Facilitator.

Marc has extensive experience in the field of alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, and the effects on their partners and families. He has studied the 12 step system of recovery made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous and is able to effectively address common pit falls and issues specific to those with addiction issues and their family members.

Marc has spent the last 10 years actively involved in Men’s Work and Men’s issues, addressing common areas of struggle including anger issues, sex, emotional intelligence, isolation, and adapting to new roles in the family and expectations of society.  This work, while extremely rewarding in its own right, has also informed his work with couples and has proven to be  effective in helping partners see each other more clearly and as a result, work through their issues more effectively.

 Marc Nee received his Master of Family Therapy degree from Southern Connecticut State University, is a Systemic Constellations Facilitator and a Certified Hypnotherapist . Marc is a member of Co-Counseling International, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Level 1 Crossfit and Strongman certified trainer . He is also a certi
fied Usui Reiki Practitioner.